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CANNED Tomatoes Paste Sauce Concentrate Brix

Tomato paste is high in the super antioxidant lycopene . This protects your skin very effectively against damage and premature skin aging.

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$5 - $8

20 Tonnes (MOQ)

Mahdi Rezai

Mahdi Rezai

International Exporter of Tomato Paste


Place of Origin:



Can (Tinned)

Brand Name:



Sour & Sweet

Shelf Life:

2 Years

Arya Trading Company has entered the global market to produce and supply high-quality tomato pastes using state-of-the-art technology and expert staff. Arya uses the best-quality tomatoes grown in the Middle East with no chemical additives or preservatives to offer marketable tomato pastes to the global markets. Arya produces its products with automated and high-tech machinery without manual intervention based on international standards. The tomato pastes are constantly tested to ensure the quality of products before their delivery.


• Customer Orientation

• Observance of ethical principles

• Commitment and loyalty to the targets of the company

• Integrity in speech

Business Type Manufacturer and Supplier
Main Products Tomato Paste and Canned Chopped Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, All Kinds of Spicy Sauces, Ketchup, French, Mustard, etc.
Year Established 2003
Country / Region Republic Islamic of Iran
Total Employees 80
Arya Company

Arya Company

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Mahdi Rezai

Mahdi Rezai

International Exporter of Tomato Paste