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Sastaplast Nice Plastic Dishes

Kitchenware can be used to contain or preserve food before or after preparation.When we talk about kitchens and kitchenware, we never mention plastic kitchenware. Most people pay more attention to other kitchen items, such as laundry and cookware.Sadtaplast company is a good choice for this product.

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1000 pieces (MOQ)

Ahmad Ashkiyan

Ahmad Ashkiyan

International Trader of All Kinds Kitchenware


Design Style:

Vintage Type: Cookware Sets

Place of Origin:

Iran Brand Name: Sadtaplast

Model Number:

HC-N1 Color: any color is optional


2.5mm Bottom: induction bottom

Mission and Targets 

Sadtaplast Trading Company designs products and offers the latest models of sandals by utilizing professional designers, innovation, and creativity in the middle east.


  • Free-of-charge consultation to make a suitable and cost-effective purchase
  • Fast delivery of products to different countries of the world without any restrictions
  • Carrying out all administrative affairs related to the transportation of goods
  • Sending specialized catalog of the product via email and social networks
Business Type Manufacturer and Supplier
Main Products Plastic Products (Disposable Plastic Containers and Plastic Kitchen Containers)
Year Established 2003
Country / Region Republic Islamic of Iran
Total Employees 80
Sadtaplast Company

Sadtaplast Company

Sadtaplast, is the leading company in the field of supplying wholesale plastic kitchenware and disposable dinnerware sets. We serve a good number of buyers and suppliers around the world. Sadtaplast is structured to be one of the major companies supplying and exporting plastic products in large quantities. We are committed to provide authentic, fast and innovative services, in an effort to move up the career ladder successfully and more importantly, flourish in the field of plastic kitchenware and disposable dinnerware sets supplying. Last but not least, we are flexible on any terms you want, offering best-in-class plastic products in any large amount according to your desire.

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Ahmad Ashkiyan

Ahmad Ashkiyan

International Trader of All Kinds Kitchenware